Technology Partners


We are constantly working on the further development of our Contextual Multi-Domain MDM and Onboarding-Portal enterprise solutions. We also adapt our powerful software to the individual wishes and processes of our corporate customers where this is required. In order to ensure the optimum solution for every requirement we work together with renowned technology partners.


As a market leader in the database and cloud environment, Oracle provides technologies that we integrate into our solutions. For example, we use Oracle RAC, one of the core database technologies, for the Contentsphere Contextual Multi-Domain MDM.


In the area of database technology, we also use technology provided by Datastax, a leading provider of database software for cloud applications, whose platform is based on the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database system. Our customers benefit from the real-time and cloud capabilities of the solution.


Another component that we use in the database technology sector at Contentsphere is OrientDB. As a NoSQL database, OrientDB is both document- and graph-oriented. This technology enables any desired relations to be efficiently mapped in our Contextual Multi-Domain MDM.


For the powerful search functions in our solutions, we use Elasticsearch, an open source technology, which is characterised by its high scalability and nearly real-time search. It also supports multi-tenancy architectures, simplifies back-up processes and ensures a high level of data integrity.


For the analytics functionalities of our solutions, we use components from Pentaho, a specialist in data integration and business analyses. In our Contentsphere solution, Pentaho forms the basis of the comprehensive BI functionalities.