We are looking for people that share our passion for innovative and dynamic technologies and who have a penchant for marketing software solutions. People who want to continue to develop together with us and our customers and have the courage to constantly question and scrutinise the status quo. In our company, you will find a culture characterised by innovation, inspiration, teamwork and enjoyment of our day-to-day activities. More than 200 international colleagues look forward to meeting you!



Considerable creative freedom
We allow you the greatest possible creative freedom so that you can contribute and develop your unique ideas, experiences and personality. Because, we know and see every day that creative and autonomous employees are the key to success. Our employees consistently perform at the highest level and manage the diverse professional challenges in outstanding fashion – this makes us proud of our team.

Fair cooperation
We place great importance on a work atmosphere that is characterised by mutual respect, appreciation, collegiality and team work. In our company, you will always find someone ready to listen to your professional and personal concerns and you receive constructive feedback. Because, we don’t just consider ourselves to be a reliable partner for our customers, we are also committed to our employees.

Flexible working conditions
As a global employer, we treat you and each of our employees as an individual personality with individual needs. Flexible working hours? Part-time models? Home-office options? Absolutely no problem when you join us – together with our employees we always find a solution that fits the specific situation in life and the individual desires. Because, we are not just committed to flexibility and customised adaptations in dealings with our customers, but with our employees as well!

Exciting tasks
Work on the intelligent marketing software solutions of tomorrow together with our team and our customers. Use your ideas and expertise to shape the successful development of the latest software technologies and intelligent IT architectures. We set high standards for our product portfolio, which we use to efficiently and sustainably optimise processes and data quality in marketing. For you, this is an incentive to continuously develop the quality and performance of these solutions even further.


Join us as we strive to make the marketing software solutions of tomorrow even more efficient, more powerful and more user friendly. Come and actively contribute to the continued development of our company’s success story. We look forward to meeting you!